Conductive Cloaks - are they really safe to use with your PAT?

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Conductive Cloaks - are they really safe to use with your PAT?

Post by Admin on Sun Nov 04, 2018 1:29 pm

Conductive cloaks are like a blanket of woven metal mesh or a material impregnated with conductive paint offering a flexible wrap to encase the equipment or lead under test.

The problem with conductive cloaks is twofold:

1. When used during a Class II Run Test.

If there is a risk the cloak can com into contact with moving parts or electrically exposed parts, the operator could get electrocuted or dragged into the moving parts.

2. When the interlocking mesh has poor conduction.

When the mesh has poor electrical conduction between the wires of the interlocking mesh, the earth leakage test of the postable appliance tester may not pick up a threshold earth leakage and therefore pass the otherwise defective equipment under test.

Additionally, if the mesh becomes live, a voltage gradient may develop across the mesh which could cause electrocution of the operator holding the mesh.

Safety Tip:

It is recommended when using the conductive cloak that:

(1) the operator not touch the cloak during the test and that the equipment under test is physically tested on an insulated surface (bench or table); and

(2) the portable appliance tester is supplied through a 10mA RCBO or RCD.


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